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The Many Benefits of Hiring A Professional Pet Sitting Service

While we don’t want to be away from our pets for extended periods of time, sometimes life has other plans for us that don’t include our animals.  In the past, leaving them at a traditional kennel was one of very few options available for this type of separation.  Luckily, these days there’s an alternative to traditional kenneling.

Hiring a professional pet sitting service comes with many perks and offers pleasures for your animals that a kennel just cannot provide.  Even entrusting your pet to family or friends may not provide the level of comfort and customer service that a professional sitter can provide.

Hiring a professional pet sitting service means that your pet stays in their own home and on their own schedule per your instructions.  Pet sitting is their primary purpose, and nothing gets in the way of caring for your pet.  We even provide back-up sitters that meet you and your pets for an added level of comfort and customer service.

Make sure your pet sitting service is bonded and insured, that you can read multiple positive reviews, and that their policies and procedures include full application processes, background checks, and hands on training.

The level of comfort and security that a professional pet sitting service offers can be invaluable when you need to know your babies health and well being are the number one priority of the caregiver you’ve chosen for them.

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Guest Post by Amber Kingsley