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Our culture is one of love, compassion, and communication.  We are easy-going, supportive, and results.   We desire people who manage themselves with strength and dignity.  We look for talent that fits with our culture and people that help elevate it to the next level.  We are a family.

Pet Sitter/Dog Walker Daycare/Boarding


The benefits to working with us (besides the fact that we pay the highest rate in Dallas), are that we have an office staff to support you, we have many strong avenues of referrals and are accepting many new clients on a daily basis.  We are one of the oldest pet sitting service companies in the Dallas area, established in 1994. We are a 5 Star company and have been on D Magazine’s Best List along with other various awards and recognitions. We assign you to our clients that are 10 miles or less from your home.

If you are looking for a serious change and are a serious pet lover, this could be what you are looking for. Here are our absolute requirements:

  • Availability. The more available you are, the more you will fit in to multiple clients’ needs. Pet sitting isn’t a 9 -5 job and can include weekends, holidays and overnights. What is your availability?
  • Experience. What is the extent of your experience with pets? Family pets, the pets of friends and neighbors? Have you been entrusted to solely care for a pet while their human was out of town?
  • Transportation. You must have your own car that you do not share with someone else. Sometimes pet sitting happens on the spur of the moment. Waiting on your ride just won’t work.   Do you own a car that you do not share?
  • Communication. You must have a smart phone, daily access to a computer and printer.   You are on the street and on the move. We need open communication with you and you with us. We are big on texting and pictures. Communication with us is a key to both yours and our success.   Do you have these devices and will you answer our call?
  • Stability. Are you moving? Going back to school? Actively looking for other employment? We are concierge-style sitters. We desire sitters who want to build relationships with the pets and the families they care for.
  • Clean Record. Will you be able to pass an extensive background check (absolutely no arrests)?  Because pet sitting occurs in the homes of our clients, and the sensitivity of taking care of furry family members, we require full background checks on all pet sitters.  To instill the seriousness of this position and the requirement to pass, we request that you pay for the background check upfront.  When the report comes back clear, we will reimburse you fully for the amount you paid.
    • $26.65 – if you have only lived in the state of Texas
    • $66.65 – if you have lived and worked outside Texas

A typical pet sitting day can include:

  • Drive to each client’s home for 20-30 minute house calls
  • Walk dog(s), feed and play with pets during each visit
  • Change food and water
  • Clean up pet messes, including poop scooping outside (if required)
  • Clean litterbox(es) (if required)
  • Care for pets as directed by clients
  • Bring in mail & newspaper (if needed)
  • Set alarms (if required)
  • Water plants (if required)
  • Other services that may be requested by clients

It may take up to a month to get to a full-time schedule. Do you have the desire, the patience, and the ability (income-wise) to get to that point. Being a pet-sitter and dog-walker takes a certain type of person. Is it you?

If interested in applying, send your resume that includes work history, education, volunteering and/or achievements, and professional references.  In your email cover letter, please include what it is about pet-sitting that appeals to you and your pet care experience.  Email attention to “PET SITTING RESUME” –



Now hiring awesome administrative help.  Data entry, answering phones, filing, scheduling.  Excel, Word, Email, and Salesforce experience desired.  If interested in applying, send your resume that includes work history, education, volunteering and/or achievements, and professional references.  Email attention to “OFFICE STAFF RESUME” –