Bonded and Insured


Client Narom & Cali

“My husband and I would like to thank our Sitter, Melissa Whitfield, for an excellent job of caring for our Calico cat, Cali, while we were away on vacation.  Cali is normally pretty skittish with strangers but she takes to Melissa right away at our first meet and greets, which pleased me very much.  Melissa was consistent on her daily visits as we received video and pictures and updates via text messages of Cali at the exact same time.  I also appreciated her genuine affections for my baby; it was such as comfort to have found a caring person like Melissa.

Furthermore, all my interactions with Christi at their office have all been positive experience as I was always treated with professional courtesy.

I highly recommend Society Pet Sitter to all pet parents.👍



Client Narom & Cali