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Pet Sitters Dallas, TX

Pet Sitters in Dallas are at Your Service!

Need a Dallas pet sitter you can trust? Society Pet Sitter, Inc has your solution! Created in 1994 with a mission of treating your beloved pets as if they were our own, Society Pet Sitter, Inc boasts a skilled and talented team that puts your animal’s best interests first. We know you can’t always be there to shower love and affection on your cats, dogs and other pets, as work and vacations get in the way of that. We also know no one can love your pet like you do. But when the time comes where you have to be away, you can rest assured Society Pet Sitter, Inc can step in and fill your shoes till you get back. Our Dallas pet sitters will quickly learn your pet’s daily routine, taking him for walks, administering medications, cleaning him and providing just the right amount of TLC.

Personalized Pet Sitting Care

You can place your faith in your Dallas dog sitter knowing we offer customized pet sitting care in your home, on your schedule. In addition to taking care of your pet, do you need us to take in your mail every day? What about watering your plants or taking out the garbage? We do all that too. When we say we cater to your pet sitting needs, we mean that and so much more! Take a look at what we can do for your pets with these comprehensive services:

  • Pet care in your home
  • Daily dog walks
  • Overnight visits
  • Fresh food and water
  • Medication administration
  • Pet clean-ups
  • Litter box changes
  • Brushing
  • Pet transportation to the vet or groomer
  • Errands for pet supplies and food

Add-ons for Peace of Mind

Here at Society Pet Sitters, we know your work or family obligations take you away from your home, sometimes for days and weeks at a time. Your pets need care every day, that’s for sure. But we also take care of all the other little tasks that need to be covered during your absence, from bringing in the newspaper to watering your plants. Here is a sampling of what we can do to make your life easier while you’re gone:

  • House sitting
  • Mail, newspaper and/or packages
  • Alternate lights and blinds
  • Plant care
  • Trash
  • Turn radio and/or television on or off
  • Ensure overall security of your home
  • Errands (i.e., dry cleaning, grocery shopping)

Benefits of In-Home Pet Sitters

Hiring us as your pet sitters in Dallas TX comes with many benefits. First and foremost, you don’t have to spend money or resources trying to transport your pet to your destination, which can also stress out your pet immensely. Your pet is far better off staying home in his own familiar environment to await your return. You can keep your pets’ diet and exercise routine intact as well, so they stay safe, fit and healthy. Their favorite chew toys are around, they know the layout, they can get their medicine when needed, and they get full attention on a daily basis from our qualified pet sitters. It’s vital that dogs especially get the attention they need every day, as daily exercise and mental stimulation helps them to stay calm and well-balanced, according to Help Guide.

Taking a family pet with you on vacation means you’re exposing them to illness and parasites that can get them sick. Pets often become traumatized by car or plane rides, as well. And saying goodbye at home is much less fraught with guilt or sadness. Just knowing your pet will be in the capable hands of our Dallas dog sitters will give you peace of mind for your entire trip. The best part is, you can call anytime to check on the status of your pet to ensure he is happy, healthy and thriving. As a side benefit, your home is more secure because your pets and the sitter are on the premises, thereby deterring any would-be criminals that would otherwise attempt to break into an obviously empty home. On the way home from your trip, there’s no time-consuming stops at the kennel to pick up your pet; instead, just walk in the house and be greeted lovingly by your pet!

Choose Society Pet Sitter, Inc as your trusted pet sitters in Dallas. Contact us today to learn our affordable rates and policies!