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Keep Your Dog Fit and Happy with Dog Walkers in Dallas

Dogs of all shapes and sizes benefit from regular daily walks. Particularly breeds that are high-energy, regular walks help canines feel happier and healthier — just like with humans. In fact, it’s vital for their overall health. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) says more than half of all dogs in the United States are overweight or obese, leading to increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and other serious health issues that aren’t just relegated to humans, says CNN.

Need a Dog Walker Dallas, TX?

If you’ve been looking for a dog walker in Dallas you can trust with your pet when you go away on vacation, look no further than Society Pet Sitter, Inc. When we were established in 1994, our goal was to treat your dogs like they were our own. We still have that goal to this day, offering TLC and walks for your pooch so they can keep up with their regular routine even in your absence. Of course, no one can love your dog quite like you, but we come in a close second when you can’t be there. Our skilled dog walkers are experienced at handling dogs of all breeds and sizes. Quite simply, we love dogs, and it shows. All our Dallas dog walkers not only take your pet on daily walks, but also provide companionship, medication administration, feeding and even brushing.

Our Policies

While we understand the value of waling your dog every day in a variety of weather conditions, we draw the line at intense heat. When the heat index is above 100 degrees, we won’t walk the dogs unless they are accustomed to being outside in these conditions. In those cases, we make it a short walk and then let them cool off with lots of water. In the event of a strong thunder or lightning storm, we won’t walk your dog. That being said, we recognize the need for your dog to relieve himself, and will take him out just long enough to achieve that. We will also adjust the interior temperature of your home if it seems to be too hot or cold for your pet.

We try to walk your dog at the same time each day to keep them on the routine they’re used to. We try very hard to stay within an hour of your requested arrival times. If you want two visits per day, we will space them out 12 hours apart on average. Priority visits are given to dogs that require strict medication schedules.

Our Pledge to You

As your premier Dallas dog walker, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting personalized dog care on your schedule. From feeding to cleaning, we offer a wide spectrum of services to keep your dog happy and healthy during your absence. Here are some of our pet care services in addition to dog walking:

  • Fresh food and water
  • Overnight visits
  • Medication administration
  • Pet clean-ups
  • Brushing
  • Pet transportation to the vet or groomer
  • Errands for necessary dog supplies and food

Contact Society Pet Sitter in Dallas today to learn about our rates and what we do to make sure your dog is well cared for while you’re gone.